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About Us

In 1965 Gustavo Genovese left Sicily with his wife and 3 small children (Sam, Sal and Cathy) in search of the "American Dream". Gustavo, family patriarch, was determined to take advantage of everything that the United States had to offer. So in 1971, armed with old family recipes, Gustavo opened Meacham Pizza, which was quickly noted for having the best Sicilian pizza in town.

All of Gustavo's children grew up around Meacham Pizza, but it was his second son, Sal, who took the greatest interest in the family business. After working at his father's pizzeria, Sal decided he wanted to achieve his own "American Dream." In 1982, he opened Genovese Pizzeria /Restaurant in Valley Stream. Sal took the old family recipes that his father had taken with him on his journey from Sicily, and made them his own. As once quoted in Newsday, Genovese Pizzeria quickly became a "Hidden Treasure".

Similar to Sal and his siblings, Sal's children (Sal Jr., Marianne, Daniella, and Anthony) also grew up around their father's pizzeria. Sal Jr. took the greatest interest, like his father had done before him, and he has become a huge part of the continued success of Genovese Pizzeria. Sal and Sal Jr. now work together in owning and operating the business.

Genovese Pizzeria is a second generation owned and operated pizzeria/restaurant. With its warm and friendly atmosphere, it brings the old world charm of Sicilian home cooking together with the convenience of eating out. Whether you are looking for a traditional dish, such as Lasagna, or just a slice of delicious pizza, Genovese Pizzeria will meet all of your needs!